mod 5, w2, Video commenting

A very exciting blog post headline isn’t it!

Using SMS or messages back and forth with our customers, I didn’t think there’d be that much of a servicescape to analyze or discuss. We have a website of course attracting a range of stakeholders/customers but the majority of those that we interact with do so primarily through messages.

Seeing the video on the Physical Evidence and the Servicescape by Brian Wilson, I come to realize that our program is using an elaborate servicescape. Much like a website, there are several back and forths between the customer and the service provider under a set of rules and conditions that we have set up around it. This might be a bit far fetched though.

The more concrete example of the servicescape for our program is the website. Information is displayed in real-time and meant to attract interest from decision makers primarily and anyone interested in the responses of tens of thousands of people on different topics. It is vital that this space represents the program in a favorable way that meets the customers’ and employees expectations on the program. This space indeed set the message that we intend to portray. However, just like a physical space, the website ages and does so probably at a faster rate than a physical store. I redesigned and updated the website some 4 years age and then again last year and allready, it could use some tweaking and updating. If you were to renovate your physical store every year, or every other year, it might actually create more confusion among your customers than added value.

One thought on “mod 5, w2, Video commenting

  1. Interesting post! I also think that a website is an important servicescape, quite hard to create for the provider though. In a physical servicescape a costumer intuitively will know – most often – what she/he can expect and how to behave. This is, at least for me, different in a website. I will “click around” until I find my way, I will often be disturb by adverts and so on. How do you know how to create a website that is supporting your goals? So many details, so many different users with different capacity. I am impressed! And I do understand that you can’t update it too often.


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