Expectations on Customer’s experience rooms.

I’ve always considered this theme to be rather unexploited by many/most institutions. Perhaps this is the case as service providers don’t realize the huge potential of improving the customer experience rooms or that I simply don’t know enough of the different ways in which one is able to manipulate the experience rooms. I really look forward to getting a greater understanding of this field and to learn about my fellow students’ experiences when trying to improve their respective rooms.

As I’m in the digital field, there’s no “real” physical room where the interaction with our customers take place. Our customers enjoy our service wherever they happen to be so hopefully after this module I’ll have a greater understanding of the different aspects of this module and how it can be applied to our circumstances.

5 thoughts on “Expectations on Customer’s experience rooms.

  1. Hi Erik, nice to see (well, read) you again! 🙂
    When I think of your work, I think of the employees perspective of the servicescape, as you have some kind of remote service to your costumers. How is your physical environment created? Is it well designed to support your company ´s goals? I look forward to hear more about your world!

    Best regards!

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    1. Right Jerker! I thought about that too seeing the post from Jörg. To some small extent communication and the servicescape is online so I’ll definitely mention it going forward.


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