Introduction to Customer experience


As part of the course: Understanding Customer Experience, participants are required, more encouraged to engage with the teachers and students through blog posts and social media. One part of me is a true fan of the approach and having participated in a couple of webinars getting to learning the background of some of the other participants, I’m even more intrigued to see their thoughts on the topic.

Another part of me would prefer a more traditional approach, get the book, read it, take the exam… but fortunately, there’s a bit of that too.


I look forward to learning more about customer experience for a number of reasons. Having an educational and professional background in marketing and sales, I’ve always applied a customer oriented approach to my work. Having developed my own theories on how customers behave it is going to be very interesting to have them confirmed, or not.


From a personal perspective I’m subjected to the topic as a customer. Living in a country where less attention is given to customers than many western countries, it can be rather frustrating at times.


I’m also looking forward to understand better the science and theories behind customer behaviour, especially online. I’m running a programme communicating with over 340 000 people focussing on participation and I hope this course will enhance my ability to increase the level of participation among our users.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to Customer experience

  1. Thanks for a nice post. I look forward to hear or read about your experiences and how well your customer orientation approach matches existing theories in the field /Margareta


  2. I think that your mixed feelings about using this innovative method are shared by the majority of the participants. As Margareta, I look forward to read your experiences about customer experience and strategy and learn from them


  3. Haha, I can relate to your initial thoughts on the format of the course. Mt first thought was “man, studying sure has changed since I last did it”.
    I’m intrigued to hear more about that online 340K participant program you work on, and hope that you’ll elaborate more on that. Good luck! /Jerker


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